In the 21+ years that Sir Alex Ferguson has been in charge of United, we’ve been blessed with some highly talented players. To pick a strongest United XI, even in just the Fergie era, is something that can never be agreed upon.

Beckham instead of Ronaldo? Pick two from Hughes, Nistelrooy, Cantona, Cole, Yorke and Rooney? Pick two from Pallister, Stam, Bruce, Ferdinand and Vidic?

The only certain spots can be given to Gary Neville at right back, Peter Schmeichel in goal, and Ryan Giggs on the left wing. Our once easily decided left sided full back is now a contentious one, with Patrice Evra fighting it out with Denis Irwin.

If picking a strongest XI is too difficult, then how on earth do we go about picking just one player?

In a press conference today, where Fergie claims he might just have two years left at the club, he debates over who has been his best player. He narrows it down to three, possibly swaying towards a certain Frenchman.

“Well Robson definitely. Cantona definitely. Keane,” he said. “It’s hard to, those three were definitely giants,” he said. “Eric’s great asset was to score important goals at important times or make a goal at important times. That’s what his great asset was. Just when you’re saying to yourself, God we need a goal here – up he’d pop. And he’d either make one or score one. He was a fantastic personality -I’ve been very lucky – the players I’ve had. Some fantastic players. “

Who do you think is the greatest United player in Fergie’s time at the club?