“Some players even cry now in the dressing room – Bryan Robson never used to cry.”

Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t appeared to be too impressed with the softer nature to football players these days, but who do you think he could be talking about? Whilst we obviously know that Cristiano Ronaldo is a crier, who do you think sheds a tear in the dressing room after games?

Patrice Evra certainly wears his heart on his sleeve despite not showing tears on the pitch. He managed to keep his emotions in check whilst in public at the World Cup, but could he show his sensitive side in private?

Did Darren Fletcher have a little cry following his unjust red card against Arsenal which saw him miss the European Cup final?

Nani is often compared with Cristiano Ronaldo. Is hard to believe that Nani might enjoy a bit of a cry during the good/bad times like Ronnie?