With Manchester United’s £16 million deal for Wigan’s Antonio Valencia set to be sealed today, Bryan Robson has claimed that Ecuadorian is not going to be a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo. Whilst Valencia will be running down our flanks as Ronaldo did, there isn’t the expectation that we will see anywhere near the same amount of goals from him, given his past scoring record.

Robson believes, like most of us do, that Ronaldo won’t be replaced by one player, but that we will see the positives for other players after Ronaldo stops stealing all the limelight.

“The one thing everyone has to realise is that United are not going to replace Ronaldo,” said Robson. “He’s a one-off. Valencia is a good winger but he’s not going to score the goals Ronaldo did. It wouldn’t surprise me if the boss brought in another winger, even if he got Valencia. That would leave Wayne Rooney free to play down the middle. In fact, I can see Wayne and Dimitar Berbatov coming out of Ronaldo’s shadow.”