Bryan Robson has sung the praises of the Sir Alex Ferguson today, claiming that it’s the manager’s persona which allows him to have so much influence over the players.

“I think he’s still got that aura,” he said. “You can see it in the younger players as soon as the boss is about; they are attentive to what he’s doing, what he is overseeing, what he is looking at. So he still gets a big response, not just from the young players but from the senior players as well because of his achievements and his desire to win he still has a lot of respect from everybody at the club.”

Ferguson has already won twelve league titles and two European Cups with United, amongst others, and Robson reckons no manager will come close to touching his record.

“I don’t think it will ever be matched again just because of the way football is going, plus it’s just an unbelievable record that he has set now,” he added. “The question that you get asked everywhere, especially when you’re working with global companies, is “what are his qualities on the leadership and the management skills?” Quite rightly people are going to ask that because of the success that he has had. You get asked that all the time. Obviously Manchester United is really popular because of Sir Alex as well.”

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