Nemanja Vidic was probably lucky to stay on the pitch after bitch slapping Hugo Rodallega in our 5-0 victory over Wigan at the start of the season. Rodaellega feigned injury until it was apparent the ref hasn’t seen it, so then he sprinted over to confront Vidic. The ref tried to get in the way, then it was Rodallega who was lucky to stay on the pitch, after pushing the ref out of the way.

The Wigan striker, who is currently in the top ten strikers this season, admits his reaction wasn’t one of his best moments.

“It was one of those moments where the red mist takes over,” said Rodallega. “But I realise that’s not the way to go about things, and I know you can’t solve issues like that. The best way to get the better of someone is to go past him and score goals, and beat him in football terms. I always look forward to playing against big sides like United, but not with a view to renewing hostilities with Vidic. Vidic is a top defender, one of the best in the world. And what happened is all in the past as far as I’m concerned. It’s more that you like to line-up against top-quality defenders, and he is one of those. I respect him a lot – and I just want to score against him.”