The Mirror: United Have No Chance Of Signing Rodwell

The Telegraph: Moyes – Rodwell Staying At Everton

Yahoo Sports: Rodwell Isn’t Going Anywhere

But what did David Moyes actually say?

“Of course Jack is a talented young player who is English and already established in the Premier League at a top-six club, so there is bound to be interest from other clubs,” Moyes said. “But that is hypothetical, for the future, and yet people are saying it has come now. It hasn’t. We are not sitting on an offer, and really, what is the point in answering, because there is nothing there at all. I could say I want Jonny Evans or Jack Wilshere, but people will say I’ve no chance of getting them, and that’s how I feel about Rodwell. It is frustrating because it has been presented as fact, when it isn’t. I don’t doubt he is on other teams’ radars, but he’s on ours, and we have had nothing, and that’s the end of the matter. You can check my phones, you can come and sit at my desk and have a look, and there has been nothing, not a call, not a conversation and certainly not a bid on the table. He has a five-year contract and he’s very level-headed. There’s no point in me turning round and saying he’s not for sale, because we said that with Lescott and had to sell in the end. But what I can tell you is – 100 per cent – we have had nothing. It’s hard for me to talk about these things because of Lescott and, to be honest, I don’t even want to go there because it’s rubbish.”

1. Everton are 12th in the league so Rodwell isn’t currently at a top six club. I’d fancy Spurs, City and Villa to make the top seven spots, putting Everton 8th at best.
2. The fact Everton aren’t sitting on an offer doesn’t mean one isn’t coming.
3. Jonny Evans plays fairly regularly for the Champions of England in the league and in the CL. Wilshere plays for a club in a CL spot.
4. Moyes said Lescott wasn’t for sale and he was sold. Moyes does not say Rodwell isn’t for sale, rather they haven’t had any offers.

Sir Alex Ferguson claimed he would dip in to the transfer market if the price was right. Chances of getting Rodwell for a good price in January is slim to none but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Rodwell heading to Old Trafford sooner or later, given the quality he has shown in the defensive midfield role, a position we desperately need to bulk up in.