Marcos Rojo put in a great performance in the last Manchester derby, keeping Kevin De Bruyne quiet all game in the 0-0 draw at the Etihad.

Ahead of today’s derby, Rojo has discussed the importance of keeping a cool head, while also having fire in your belly.

We came in on Friday and started to work on the City game straight away. It’s a derby match and a big game for Manchester, but it’s also a big game in terms of the league position. We need to move forward and try to get out of the bad run that we’re in. We’re all very much together as a team and are desperate to move the club forward for ourselves and for the fans who are always right behind us.

We always really look forward to it and are always motivated to do well in the game. We’ve got a good few players who are experienced in this kind of match and that sense of calm is felt throughout the group. We know that we have to win, both for ourselves and for the supporters who have been right behind us all the way recently. We have to go and do what we can to get all three points.

I always try to be quite relaxed before these games. The way I see it is if you go into this kind of game overly pumped up, you can get yourself into trouble – you have to try and keep calm. There’s no point being fired up and getting a silly red card as that doesn’t help the team. You have to keep your head all the way through and do everything you can to win. You have to give one hundred per cent though and stay as calm as possible. When you walk out on that pitch, you have to have the fire in your belly but keep a cool head at the same time.