Following complaints about a number of people imitating posters in the comments section, RoM has made a few changes to improve the procedure for leaving comments. You now have to sign in with your Twitter/Facebook accounts to try and clamp down on the total anonymity of some posters. The first comment you make will join a moderation queue, which I will try and approve as soon as possible, but after that your comments will display as normal.

Also, for those accessing RoM using the Android app, an update has been made so you can follow the live blog for every game on your phone. This will be up and running shortly. The live blog can be accessed from desk tops using the ‘Live‘ link at the top of the blog. For those curious about an Apple app, one is in the process of being approved and should be available soon.

There’s also the Republik of Mancunia forum which caters to fans wanting to discuss a variety of topics without needing a new blog post to facilitate discussion. Or there’s the option of following @R_o_M on Twitter.

Finally, it is important that people who use RoM, particularly those who have been here from the start back in 2006, recognise that I have a life and commitments outside of running a football blog. When I was younger I had more time available for it but now I’m getting on a bit my life has changed. That’s not to say I no longer care about RoM or value the regulars here any less, just that priorities change. In a bid to keep the quality of RoM as high as I could I have employed several writers to regularly contribute. You won’t agree with everything they say, just as you don’t agree with everything I say, but this was intended to be a positive thing. Whilst lots of people have taken it that way, there seem to be some regulars who are very angry about several things about this blog. All I can do is apologise that you’re not happy but urge you to understand that I am doing this to the best of my ability and in paying others to write articles and pointing you in the direction of other blogs in RoM Reads, trying to provide you with the best United related content possible. Be mindful that you don’t have to visit RoM though and if it makes you angry to see the blog now compared to what it used to be like almost ten years ago, maybe it’s time for you to move on to another site.

Thanks again to everyone for their continued support.