Who do you enjoy beating the most – Liverpool or Manchester City?

I would have to say Man City….even though it’s very close. The reason it would be City is just because I am a Manchester lad and it’s always a game I look forward to in the season.

Over the past couple of decades, there has always been a significant group of players in the first team squad who have come through the academy. How much do you think this has played a part in United’s success?

It has played a major part – the players coming through understand the heritage and importance of Manchester United. The academy coaching staff do a great job of developing the football talent from a young age. The players work hard and dedicate themselves to the team.

What are your memories from the bench in Nou Camp in ’99?

Only great memories. Probably the best feeling I’ve had on the football pitch even though I was a substitute and didn’t play, because of the circumstances and how it happened. Maybe just tops winning the Champions League which I played in 07/08.

Which season has been your favourite whilst playing for United?

07/08 when we won the Champions League, for the fact that i played most of the games.

You assisted Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal in Champions League final against Chelsea. How does that rank amongst your proudest moments at the club?

It was nice to be able to set the goal up for Cristiano – especially being a final. It is definitely up there with one of my best performances.

Which trophy do you think has to be United’s priority – the Premiership or Champions League?

I would always say the Premiership over the Champions League as its the competition that you play week in and week out. However, of course it is fantastic to win the Champions League trophy.

Do you prefer playing at right back or the centre of defence?

Centre of defence is my preferred position but for United I have played most of my games as right back.

You recently played alongside your brother Reece in the Reserves. How proud did that make you and how do you rate your chances of playing together for the first team?

It was a very proud moment for me but probably even more so for my nan, mum, sister and brother. It was really good to play with him. Reece is only young and has a long way to go but he’s got everything you need to be a footballer – he just needs to be able to do it at a higher level. Hopefully the chance of us playing together for the first team is good, we’ll have to wait and see. Would be really nice too.

Do you watch much of the Reserves? Who do you rate at having a good chance of coming through?

Yes – I watch the reserves all the time. I think Corry Evans and Ravel Morrison have both got really good chances if they keep on working hard.

Your chant has become very popular amongst the fans over the past year. What do you think of it and how do you feel when you hear it sung?

It’s quality to be fair! It feels good when the fans sing it and I appreciate it – it’s a nice thing to have!

Caught Offside lined up the interview with Wes Brown and kindly asked RoM to supply the questions.