A new feature on RoM will be to look at the most interesting reads of the day, just to take even more time away from what you should actually be doing!

A Kick In The Grass correctly draws attention to the hype surrounding Wayne Rooney’s red card and the FA’s decision not to extend the ban to more than one match. It surely should not take anyone by surprise that the media would choose to react in this way, rather than focus on the root cause of the incident: Rooney being sent off for trying to get on with a game of football. Had St. Stevie or John “it’s alright big JT, you can even rugby tackle people and we’ll get you get away with it” Terry been sent off for such a ridiculous reason (which would never happen, by the way!) I wonder if the press would be talking about the petulance of the player… or the referee?!

The Times Fanzine gives an honest reflection of the situation we now find ourselves in, giving a bit of perspective to the “disaster” that has occurred.

Soccerlens looks at mad football fans, including that fella who lined up for the United team photo wearing a Cantona strip.

The Daily Mail‘s “experts” predict who will win the league, look at who are the most over and underrated players, as well as who is the best manager. One “expert” asks ‘What does Berbatov actually do?’ whilst all are in agreement over who the Champions will be this year.

Studs-Up takes the piss out of us for getting carried away before our crushing two defeats on the trot.