AttackersUnited scored 62 goals this season, which is our second worst tally in Premier League history, only beaten by the 58 goals we scored in 2014-15. Wayne Rooney is our top goalscorer with 14 goals, which is the lowest record for our highest scorer since Frank Stapleton’s 13 goals in 1981-82. All in all, it’s safe to assume our attack hasn’t done too well this year. The midfield and defence have already been rated, but how does our attack compare?

Wayne Rooney – 7
He spent far too much of the season playing out of position to accommodate the inferior strikers, and he didn’t play well there. When Rooney has been up front, he’s done much better, and he’s our top goalscorer. Even though 14 goals is his lowest tally since joining the club, it isn’t a dreadful return for someone who spent half the season in midfield. But as far as an inspirational captain goes, Rooney hasn’t looked to be one on the pitch. Maybe he’s learnt from bollocking all the youngsters after his mistake lead Leicester get back in to the game after the 5-3 defeat, but it’s hard to recall an occasion when his desire has dragged United over the finish line, perhaps other than Newcastle away. He does get bonus points for making a rousing speech ahead of the Spurs win though, but it’s hard to recall when his last brilliant performance was.

Robin van Persie – 4
The hope that working with Van Gaal again would bring back the old Van Persie quickly faded. Still, despite it being apparent that Van Persie has lost it, the manager stuck with him regardless. There have been some highs though, like the 94th minute equaliser against Chelsea, the two goals away to Southampton and a goal against Liverpool. The most damning reflection of his season is that when he picked up an injury in February, United went on to play their best football of the season in his absence. If it wasn’t for his relationship with Van Gaal, you would think he would certainly be sold this summer.

Radamel Falcao – 3
Falcao’s season has been one of the biggest anti-climaxes United fans have ever experienced. He arrived with the status of one of the best strikers in European football and leaves as a name who will always be mentioned when ‘biggest Premier League flops’ gets discussed. To the fans’ credit, he has always been well supported, but he’s had a dreadful season. Maybe he couldn’t keep up with the English league, or maybe he just won’t ever recover from his knee injury, but he has certainly proven to be an incredibly expensive gamble that didn’t pay off. His goal tally for the season matches Chris Smalling’s, which is embarrassing.

James Wilson – N/A
He often didn’t do enough when given the opportunity, which is a shame for him, because the quality of his competition for place was so poor. There were chances Wilson should have been given though, like the recent game against Arsenal when his pace could have worked wonders, but it appears as though Van Gaal doesn’t fancy him as much as he did in the summer.

Overall – 5/10