RoM have teamed up with Footbo to create a predictions league for all our readers. Everyone who signs up will become a part of a league created specifically for us (so sign up with your usernames on here so we know who everyone is!).

Once you have signed up with Footbo, you can also join their partner site, Goalwin, where the points you’ve collected with correct predictions on Footbo can earn you money.

The bonus points with Footbo can earn you up to 100 points (10 euros) on Goalwin, which you can use to bet on their site. After the first 100 points, users can continue to get bonus points through the prediction game, but in order to convert them to betting currency, you would need to deposit an amount equal to the value of the points you want to convert. This is just an extra element to the Footbo league though and another service on offer to us – feel free just to get involved with the totally free Footbo prediction league.

Sign up for both Footbo and Goalwin using the widget above and prove yourself as the RoM reader with the most football know-how!

Find out whether you are a hot-shot in predicting match results and check out predictions made by other users (see Predictions Statistics Box).

How it’s done:
Predict the final score of each match and select the number of goals you think each side will score. Predictions can be submitted/edited anytime until the kick-off of each match. You may predict as many games as you wish.

How it works:
Correct result (i.e. win or draw) only = 1 point
Correct result and exact score = 3 points
No points will be allocated if your prediction for a match is incorrect. It is the score-line at the end of 90 minutes which is considered (i.e. not including extra-time or penalties). Your ranking is based on your average prediction score.