Scott writes for The Mirror about tonight’s derby. If we win, we improve our chances of finishing in the top four but we also help Liverpool’s title challenge. If we lose, top four will be gone but Liverpool will be at a disadvantage in the title race. What do you want to happen?

Scott writes for Paddy Power about the importance of keeping David de Gea. Reports suggest he wants to stay put and, even with the mistakes he’s been making recently, he’s still our best bet.

BBC Sport reports on Pep Guardiola’s unhappiness with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s claim that there will be fouls in the derby. What an odd thing to get upset about, particularly when the City documentary revealed one of his coaches instructed the players to make fouls.

The Guardian discusses the role that United can play in the title race with their performance tonight. We’ll have to be a lot better than we did on Sunday if we’re going to deny City though.

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