With the end of 2008 approaching, RoM will be reflecting on the year we’ve had as United fans. January’s edition was yesterday.

February 2008

2nd: Spurs away
Dimitar Berbatov took an early lead for Tottenham in what looked to be a devastating defeat for United. With Arsenal topping the table, we simply couldn’t afford to lose games like this.

Then came injury time and Carlos Tevez popped up, not for the first time during that season, to score a vital late equaliser. United rejoiced and Spurs walked off the field as though they had been defeated.

3rd: Neville thinks ahead to Munich Disaster memorial
“I think the city was affected greatly,” Neville said. “It wasn’t just Manchester United. It touched everyone in the country. I think it is good that it’s a Manchester occasion. You couldn’t have a bigger match and it’s important that we do ourselves justice on the day and play in a way those lads would have been proud of.”

10th: City home
Without doubt, one of the most depressing days I have ever endured as a United fan. The emotion before kick-off, as well as the deep sense of pride in being a part of this great football club, had a big effect on the crowd that day. It was a special experience. It was painful that our players ruined it though. I don’t buy in to this ‘the emotion of it all got to them’ bollocks. Less than two weeks after Munich, our lads won 3-0, a team of survivors and kids not allowing ‘the emotion of it all’ to get to them.

I left the ground totally gutted and enraged. I remember feeling the only way I could forgive them for it, that half arsed performance on one of the most important days in our clubs history, was if we went on to win the European Cup. 50 years on from Munich, winning the trophy they lost their lives trying to win.

City went 2-0 before Carrick saved some face. Horrible, horrible day.

12th: Fergie doesn’t fancy 39th game
“All clubs should be able to discuss an idea before any kind of decision is taken,” said Ferguson. “The idea of the 39th game is not getting any support, in England, at the moment.”

15th: Gallas thinks we’re too arrogant
“They are a strong team with lots of experienced players,” said Gallas. “But, sometimes, they think they’re too good. Too arrogant, yes. It can make you complacent. We understand that problem. We know we have to score goals, be strong in defence and kill teams in the first half. Our squad can win things. And I know that it will be difficult for Manchester United to win.”

16th: Arsenal home in the Cup
Without doubt, one of the best days of the season. United played Arsenal off the park, with Anderson and Fletcher getting the better of Fabregas, Flamini and Gilberto.

United went in 3-0 up at half time, Rooney, Fletcher and Nani all getting a goal. Beating Arsenal always feels great, so to sit back and enjoy 45 minutes worth of football in the second half, knowing we were going to win, was brilliant.

Nani pissed the Goons off good and proper, playing keepy uppy with the ball, whilst Arsenal players started to doubt themselves. They went on to draw 4 of their next 5, losing the 5th, and their titles hopes were more or less over.

20th: Lyon away in Champions League
Benzema, who Ferguson had been praising in the lead up to the game, scored early on in the second half before Carlos Tevez bagged us a late equaliser.

A draw and an away goal. It was looking good for the return leg.

23rd: Newcastle away
Another Geordie battering, christ, even Louis Saha got a goal! Rooney scored two, Ronaldo scored the other two, in a 5-1 battering, making it 11 goals against Newcastle in 2008. Cheer up Alan Shearer!

27th: Anderson is great
“When Paul got his injury it was a blow for us and opened the door for Anderson – and we discovered a boy who had talent,” Ferguson said. “It may otherwise have turned out that Anderson would have had to wait, just getting the odd game here and there, which may not have helped him develop as we have seen.”