With the 8th-5th placed entries being revealed earier today, now is the time for the winner and the three runners up to be announced, as voted for by: the staff of the RoM forum, Red Ranter, Ahmed Bilal of Soccerlens, Ed of United Rant, Rob Smyth of The Guardian, Chris Toy of Studs Up, James Ryddel of A Kick In The Grass and Tufty of SEF.

The winner will receive a t-shirt of their choice from the Mancunia Merchandise shop and prizes will be sent to all those short-listed.

Starting with 4th place…

Edna Chan drew Wayne Rooney’s public display of affection towards Manchester United at Goodison Park.

Staney came in third with yet another depiction of Kiko’s winner, which was an extremely popular entry as moment of the season. In all, it took two weeks for completion and the faces were drawn under 400x zoom mode.

In second place was a fairly cheeky entry by Matthew Pendrigh, taking the piss out of Rio Ferdinand for his clothing on holiday.

And finally, our winner, Dadi Mar Sigurdsson from Iceland,