August 2009

15th: RoM previews the season
What will 2009-2010 bring?
19th: Interview with a journo
Rob Smyth of The Guardian has a chat with RoM.
21st: Carlos Tevez is a blue, he hates Munichs
The City faithful are proud of their latest Munich reference… whilst their new favourite player speaks of his love and respect for United on a weekly basis.
23rd: City to become even more massive
Adebayor reckons that 09-10 will be the season for City to overtake United.
27th: Money hungry liars in football get on RoM’s nerves
From Mikel to Barry and Terry to Adebayor, money grabbing whores get exposed.
30th: Eboue the cheat
With the ink still wet on stories of Eduardo’s dive against Celtic, Eboue throws himself to the turf at OT.
31st: United are rolling in it
£38,281,000 is the figure given for how much revenue we brought in last season. Where did it all go?

September 2009

21st: No-necked Welsh goblin hits a restrained United fan
Same ol’ Bellamy.
22nd: FA dish out derby punishments
Surprise, surprise, United are treated more harshly.
23rd: Redknapp sings the praises of Neville
Doesn’t every fan wish they had a ‘Gary Neville’ playing for them?
29th: Rooney loves United
After joining the 100 club, Rooney reiterates his love for our club.

October 2009

2nd: In support of Berbatov
Defending Dimitar Berbatov for having the attitude fans usually adore in our players
24th: Rafa right about money, wrong about the fans
Rafael Benitez talking rubbish about Liverpool’s lack of spending and their fans being better than ours
26th: Chat with a Liverpool fan
Jamie Kanwar of Liverpool Kop talked to RoM about our defeat at Anfield.
28th: Mitten stops for a chat
Andy Mitten, the author of several brilliant United books and founder of United We Stand, talked to RoM about lots of United related issues.
28th: How is Owen getting on?
Stats comparing Michael Owen with other strikers in the league following his start at United.
30th: Replacing Ronaldo – Obertan or Nani?
With Gabriel Obertan getting in to the team and Nani suffering from dreadful form, the fans had a dilemma.

November 2009

3rd: Our boys have manners
Cabin crew reveal how polite United players are in comparison to other Premiership footballers.
9th: Press reaction to Chelsea defeat
The national press finally has some sympathy with United following what would come to be a title deciding robbery at Stamford Bridge.
9th: City react to latest signing
The blues aren’t too happy about Carlos Tevez’s performance three months in to the season.
17th: Interview with Jeff Winter
Former referee Jeff Winter talks about his mistakes and decisions going against United following his endless criticism of Sir Alex Ferguson on his website.
23rd: New SEF banner
Stretford End Flags reveal the new Sir Matt Busby banner.
24th: This season vs last season
Stats comparing the current season with the one before.
27th: Where are they now?
What happened to the Jimmy Murphy players of the year?

December 2009

3rd: Was Ferguson wrong to play the kids in Europe?
After messing up against Besiktas, we looked at why playing a weaker side in Europe was still a good idea.
14th: Cantona talks
The best bits from Andy Mitten’s chapter on Eric Cantona.
15th: Chelsea fans show what’s wrong with football
Chelsea players are the latest to be booed off the pitch by their fans.
18th: Would you still love Becks?
After being drawn against AC Milan, a poll is published to decide how feelings might change if Beckham knocked us out of the European Cup.
20th: Problems so far
Looking at the obvious and less obvious problems of the season so far.
22nd: Best and worst of the Noughties
22nd: FIFA World Player of the Year votes
How honest were the captains in their votes?
31st: Ron vs Tony
Stats to compare Cristiano Ronaldo and Antonio Valencia
31st: Best and worst of the Noughties


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