January 2010

7th: Attendances: City vs United
We look at statistics which totally disprove City’s ridiculous lie.
11th: Tribute to Albert Scanlon
RoM favourite, Giles Oakley, talks about his memories of the Busby Babe.
12th: Another analysis of the debt
A United fan looks at United’s debt in detail.
13th: Kissy kissy
Pictures of the players who kiss the badge.
16th: MUST and IMUSA meeting
We went to the meeting to discuss the future of our club.
17th: Tevez vs Berbatov
Stats comparing the two strikers at United.
19th: Green and gold
The green and gold idea spreads from the Red Issue forum.
20th: Tale of two strikers
Looking at how Adebayor and Tevez are both more concerned with their former clubs than with City
23rd: City player wind up leaves Tevez with egg on his face
Jonny Evans reckons Tevez’s team mates weren’t honest when translating Gary Neville’s comments.
24th: Rooney + Ron 09 vs Rooney 10
Stats looking at Rooney’s goals this season compared to him and Ronaldo the season before.
28th: Garry Cook, what a wanker
Garry Cook’s “when, not if, we’re at Wembley after beating United!” speech makes him look like a dick.
29th: Rio sticks it to Tevez
After beating City in the League Cup semi-final, Rio Ferdinand mocks Carlos Tevez by copying his celebration from Wastelands a couple of weeks before.
29th: Captain Terry
News breaks that John Terry has been having an affair with the mother of best mate and former Chelsea team’s child.
30th: Red Knights
News of the Red Knights group wanting to buy United breaks.
31st: Team Bridge
City players perform the most embarrassing act of the season in support of Wayne Bridge.

February 2010

5th: Capello makes right choice
Rio Ferdinand is named England captain.
9th: Steaua Bucurestic 1986
Liverpool fans mock Everton by reminding them of the team who won the European Cup when English clubs were banned after they killed 39 Juve fans.
14th: Ron may return
Cristiano Ronaldo suggests he may come back to United
18th: Sticking up for Wolves
RoM sides with Wolves following the Premier League’s ridiculous decision to punish them for the side they fielded against us.
21st: Defensive stats
Looking at how many times our defenders have been available in comparison to our title rivals.
23rd: Join forces with Liverpool? No ta
Rumours suggest MUST are ready to join up with SOS to get rid of our American owners.
25th: Striker stats
Comparing Rooney and Berbatov to other Premiership strikers.
27th: Chelsea fans sink to new low
After their captain shagged the mother of his child, Chelsea fans shamelessly boo their former player, Wayne Bridge.
28th: Who cares about the League Cup?
After reaching another League Cup final, are we really bothered?

March 2010

6th: Owen’s first season at United
Following his season ending injury, RoM looks at Michael Owen’s first season with us.
10th: The difference between United and Chelsea
Matt Dickinson writes a great article about the impact Sir Alex Ferguson has on United.
11th: Becks wears green and gold
David Beckham puts on a green and gold United scarf after losing to United with Milan.
17th: Best and worst of the season
With the season nearing an end, we look at why it’s so great and so horrible at the same time.
20th: The importance of Scholes
We look at what Paul Scholes still has to offer, despite getting closer to 40.
28th: United’s top two scorers
Looking at how United’s best two scorers have done in the Premiership years.
29th: The story of Robben, United and Chelsea
Before meeting Arjen Robben again, we look at how close we came to signing him.
30th: Where are the class of ’99 now?
Ahead of our European Cup quarter-final against Bayern Munich, RoM looks at what happened to our team of 1999.

April 2010

18th: Neville and Scholes – a love story
Following Paul Scholes’ last minute winner against City, Gary Neville shows how much it means to him.
22nd: Nani interview
RoM gets an exclusive interview with our most improved player of the season.
29th: AndersRed interview
We speak about the debt with an expert

May 2010

1st: Evra thanks God
Patrice Evra is United through and through.
3rd: Well done Reserves
Our Reserves are the best in England.
5th: Champions league, you’re having a laugh
Spurs beat City to claim last Champions League spot.
9th: Sad little Stoke fans
Stoke fans show themselves up again.
10th: Keep Mourinho away
Stats to prove Mourinho’s poor record in the transfer market
11th: Are injuries a valid excuse?
RoM look at the stats which show clearly our massive defensive problems.
22nd: Mourinho show continues
More evidence mounts as to why Jose Mourinho should never get the United job, with him talking about leaving Inter Milan on a daily basis ahead of their Champions League final.
28th: Interview with Aon representative
We speak to the VP of Global Public Relations at Aon Coporation.


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