After a frustrating final few months with United, Cristiano Ronaldo finally left for Real Madrid. RoM had become weary with the Ronnie’s antics, with it becoming blatantly obvious that our star man was ready for a move to Spain.

We made our peace when a fee had been agreed and to his credit, he has had nothing but great things to say about our club in the press since leaving.

Today, Ronaldo has again claimed that only God knows his future… but implies that returning to United is a possibility when his contract at Real Madrid expires.

“Of course I miss playing for Manchester United,” Ronaldo said. “I played there for six years and that’s a long time. I am still interested in watching Manchester United and, you never know, maybe in the future I could return to play there. It’s always possible. I want to fulfil my contract here but, in the future, only God knows. I will not say I am not happy here at Real Madrid. I am really happy and everyone knows this is my club but, of course, I miss Manchester United, the boss, the players, because I left family there.”