Cristiano Ronaldo has said the most important qualities in a footballer are skill and courage. In his interview with ITV, our winger believes that most defenders are fair with him, but acknowledges the minority who intentionally go out to hurt him. I think he’s being a bit kind there.

“Skill and courage are very important,” Ronaldo said. “If you don’t have courage, you can’t do the skills. So it’s difficult to choose between the two, because both of them are so important. Courage is maybe more important. But I don’t think defenders are malicious when they play me. Maybe one or two … but 99 per cent of them are fair. I don’t fear anyone. Sometimes you have a good game or a bad game, but I don’t fear anyone.”

Ronaldo claims he enjoys entertaining the crowd, but United lifting trophies is more important.

“I try to make people happy with the way I play,” he added. “But for me, the first thing is to help the team to win. When people come to the stadium to watch you, they want to enjoy themselves, and I try to make that happen for them. But the principle is to win. When you win, everything is good. That’s the most important thing. But I like to try to give the fans some happy moments in games.”