Cristiano Ronaldo has praised the strength of the Premiership after at least one English team is guaranteed a place in the Champions League final, and for the time being Manchester United are the right club for him, he thinks.

“It is not luck that there are three English teams in the semi final of the Champions League,” said Ronaldo. “In my opinion it is because The Premier League is the toughest league and the most competitive league with the best players. It is a great feeling and I love to play here. I am very happy here. I want to win more trophies here. At the moment I think I am at the right club. And I want to win trophies next season as well.”

Hmm. Being so vague in a statement of intent and happiness really must be a difficult skill. I take my hat off to him!

Will he be here next season to win more trophies with us? Sir Alex Ferguson certainly seems to think so! And if Sir Alex wants something, is that the end of it?