Cristiano Ronaldo has had a superb season. Looking back over our recent period of general domination, I struggle to think of a player who has been as effective for the team as Ronaldo has been this term. This of course means he is linked with a move away from the club on a fairly regular basis, Real Madrid usually on the receiving end of the potential transfer. Whilst Ronaldo has recently spoken out about his frustration with the constant transfer rumours, he doesn’t half bring it on himself, having said that he sees his future in Spain. His mum isn’t much of a help either. “I don’t like English teams but I know I have to like them because my son is at Manchester,” she said at the start of the year. “But hopefully one day he will go to Madrid. They are my favourite team, the best in the world. I don’t want to die without seeing my son playing for them. But if he does then I can die happy, having fulfilled a dream. Perhaps he may not be able to make the move right now. But maybe in a year or two’s time?”

Today, Gabriel Heinze, who made a move to Real Madrid last summer, following his attempt to move to Liverpool, has spoken reassuring words about our winger’s future. Despite his best efforts to get Ronaldo to join him in Spain, Heinze claims that Ronaldo would find it very difficult to leave United.

“I talk with him (Ronaldo) all the time and I tell him how great this club is and the nice things that Madrid has, but I know that is very difficult for him to come because he has a coach who had trust in him when he was younger,” Heinze said. “Whilst Ferguson is at United it is very difficult. He is a fundamental part of their plans.”

Whilst the Fergie connection is talked of here, I think it’s also important to mention the role Carlos Queiroz might play in Ronaldo’s future. The pair have a strong relationship and with Queiroz’s recent success of bringing in fellow Portuguese speakers, Anderson and Nani, Ronaldo has several reasons to stay at the club.

Do you think Ronaldo will stay at United for as long as Fergie does?