The Slave has been warned away from a move to Real Madrid by Wesley Sneijder today, who claims the top wages Ronaldo is set to earn would make the other players at the club jealous.

After previously coming across rather desperate for Ronaldo to sign for his club, Sneijder is now concerned what negative effects it could have on Real Madrid

The problem is, Ronaldo staying at United could be equally detrimental to our dressing room atmosphere!

“It’d be bad for the dressing room because he would earn better wages than the rest of the squad,” the Dutch star said. “It wouldn’t be a problem to me but some team-mates wouldn’t fancy it. Here we have players like him — Arjen Robben and Robinho for example. For sure I want to play with Cristiano but the dressing room’s harmony has to be maintained.”

Whilst this is a fair enough complaint from Sneijder, it is not an issue Real Madrid are inexperienced with handling. Ronaldo (the fat/real one) and Zinedine Zidane are amongst several World class talents who have signed for the club in recent years demanding a massive salary. Cristiano Ronaldo joining and expecting the same will be nothing new.

If jealousy is to be an issue, it won’t just be of his wage, but the attention he will receive. Both the FIFA and UEFA presidents have commented on this transfer saga, showing just how much of a high profile player Ronaldo is at the moment.

Robinho already seems less than impressed with the club after speculation in the press suggested that he would be offered up as bait to sweeten the deal with United.

“I am only thinking about Madrid,” he said. “I am not prepared to enter into the operation to sign Cristiano.”

The Brazilian’s agent, Wagner Ribeiro, is equally miffed with the situation, oddly claiming that if Real Madrid had won the European Cup, it would be Robinho who was now hailed as the best in the World. However, Real Madrid were beaten in the first knockout round by Roma, who United went on to beat convincingly in the quarter finals.

“Neither he nor I liked that he was being used as a kind of bargaining chip [to Manchester United],” he said. “That devalues a professional athlete. Robinho is better or equal to Cristiano Ronaldo. If Real had won the Champions League, I have no doubt that he would be forwarded as the best in the world.”

So it appears as though it’s not just United whose nose has been put out of join with Ronaldo’s potential transfer!