Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t been in my good books this season and it has been rare for me to praise him. His attitude on the pitch and work-rate are a shadow of the player we saw representing us last season.

However, today he has spoken with maturity, defending the players who clearly target him on a weekly basis, claiming nobody wants to hurt him on purpose.

“I like people whistling and booing!” Ronaldo said. “It’s normal for fans to do that. There’s nothing I can do and it doesn’t matter anyway. I have to concentrate on the game, so I don’t think about that sort of thing. On the pitch I’m a target, but it is difficult to avoid these things. I don’t believe that people want to hurt me on purpose. In my experience, the game just doesn’t happen that way. Truthfully, I’ve never had any serious problems.”

It would be all too easy for Ronaldo to lay in to the likes of Taylor and Pogatetz who go out of their way to try to hurt him, but he has risen above it, and that has to be admired.

More of the same please Ronnie!