The fuss surrounding Ronaldo has quietened down over the past few days, with the media becoming as bored as we are about the rumours constantly linking him with a move away from the club.

Comments from Ramon Calderon circulated in the Spanish press, presumably taken from an interview the day before, considering he was at the men’s single final at Wimbledon on Sunday.

“Ronaldo has said he would like to play here, that it is a dream, that he would be excited to come to Real Madrid, but it is a desire of the player which can not be carried out without Manchester’s agreement,” Calderon said. “Manchester has to want it. Once they decide to sell him and communicate this, we can say we are talking about a possible transfer. But as of today that is not happening. Theoretically we still have time, there are still two months left until the end of August if Manchester gets in touch with Real Madrid and makes an offer.”

Obviously Calderon has been told he comes across too negative, so just a day after explaining the deal was doubtful, he is now confident of getting Ronaldo’s signature.

“It is up to the player,” he said. “If he wants to come, then he can join Real Madrid. Manchester United are saying they do not want him to leave and they are not a club who normally sell their best players. But if a player wants to leave it is difficult to keep him. It is the same for me. If I have a player who wants to go somewhere else, we let them go.”

On one day Calderon claims that all the cards are in United’s hand, that we are the ones in control. The next, he claims if Ronaldo wants the move, then it will happen.

I’ve heard from this guy more than I have my own father in the past month or two. Are we really going to have to endure this through to September?