Cristiano Ronaldo is currently turning a nice shade of purple in LA’s sunshine and taking home a different bird every night. It’s alright for some eh?

He has managed to find time to comment on his future though, claiming they’ll be no problems over where he plays next season, whether it’s United or Real Madrid. Reinforcing his usual modest behaviour, Ronaldo claims it’s normal for great clubs to be interested in great players like him.

On the day where Rio Ferdinand has spoken of his disappointment that the summer which should have been spent reflecting on last season’s great success has revolved around Ronaldo, the winger seems happy enough to be at United for the time being.

“Great players are always wanted by great clubs. I’m not the only one,” Ronaldo said, speaking to a Spanish television channel. “It’s something normal. I’ve already been wanted in the past years, and I live it like a normal situation. Good players who are on the market are always wanted by clubs. To me it’s not strange. I want to be happy wherever I play. If I’m happy, confident, motivated, every place is good for me.”

When asked if he is anxious regarding his future, he quickly answered, laughing, “No. Not at all. You can ask me 40 questions about Manchester United and Real Madrid, what do you want me to tell you? That I’m leaving? I don’t know anything about my future. Only God knows.”

Every day it is looking more and more likely that Ronaldo is going to spend next season with United, which is something Sir Alex Ferguson has reinforced since the very start of the summer. However, many reds have hardened their hearts to Ronaldo and are unwilling to support him at the club next season. This arguably could be great news for us, considering we all know how well Ronaldo works when his back is up against the wall and he’s got a point to prove.

The last thing you want at your club is a player who wants to be elsewhere. So far, Ronaldo has talked of his dreams and what God knows, but there has been no desperation from him to be at Real Madrid starting next season. The lad obviously wants to go there one day, but as long as he’s not going to stamp his feet over it, it shouldn’t have negative effects on us next season.