Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to be improving his tendency to dive last season, but the long break out seems to have put him back where he started again. Whilst usually under some contact (if you ignore that embarrassing leap against Chelsea a few weeks back), he has been guilty of going to ground too easily and over-acting when facing the challenge.

Ronaldo has today responded to claims that he is a diving, insisting that all the best players in the World are labelled in the same way, as the only way to stop them is to foul them.

“A diver? I don’t want to talk about that because I don’t agree,” said Ronaldo. “If you want to talk about ‘divers’ you will talk about all the best players in the world. They are the most difficult players to stop, so they provoke fouls.”

However much the media and attention might have gone to Ronaldo’s head, it’s good to know that he still knows who’s boss.

“Did I ask to play against Celtic? No, I have never dared to question my coach’s choices, and I will never dare,” he added. “If he believes I have to stay on the bench, I respect that, even if it is difficult to accept. Am I not able to play two matches in a row in one week? When you don’t play for such a long time, on the contrary you need to play to find full fitness again.”