Love him or hate him, Ronaldo is a bloody good player. As he has improved year on year, the viciousness of the opposition fans has increased, with Chelsea fans recently wishing death upon our winger.

He has today spoken out about his feelings towards those that boo him, as well as reinstating his desire to stay at our club.

“It’s normal for me now,” he said of the booing. “If it doesn’t happen, I’m thinking, ‘Why aren’t they booing me?’ Maybe they think if they boo, I’ll lose my concentration but it doesn’t happen. I like it.”

The hunger for success with United is still there for Ronaldo, who claims he wants to make history for us again.

“I’ve spoken to some experienced players who have a great history in the game and they’ve said it’s not what you do in one season, it’s staying at the top level that is the challenge,” he added. “Winning trophies and being at this club, it gives you maturity and I have learnt a lot. I’m happy at this club. I want to stay here and I want to make history again for United.”