Cristiano Ronaldo is having an incredible season for the Champions and is set to break a record set by George Best by the end of the season. 32 goals in one season is what Best managed and Ronaldo is just five goals short of that total, meaning there is no way Ronaldo could avoid being added to our history books.

With Munich on the minds of all our players ahead of today’s derby day clash, Ronaldo has reflected on the importance of the Babes as well as his role at United. “I’ve seen a few videos and seen not just Bobby Charlton, who in my opinion was one of the best ever, but other players,” he said. “I see this fantastic team, an amazing team with a good spirit. I remember in one of the clips, when one guy scored a goal, all the other players celebrated with him and did the same thing – that was great. Now, in the present, we have better cameras, better television, everything is better, and I want the lads who are coming up to one day remember Cristiano, Giggsy, our whole team. It’s a pressure and it’s an honour for me to look at the old players and think one day I would like to be the same, for everyone to recognise and respect the players of today. Maybe in 50 years another guy will be in my position and look back and say, ‘Cristiano – he was a great player’. I want that.”

How you do you think Ronaldo will be remembered in 50 years time?