Earlier in the week I commented on how proud I was of our fans for their stance on Cristiano Ronaldo. We haven’t booed him, yet we’ve shown remarkable indifference for a player who was on fire last season. Following his behaviour over the summer, we have let it be known that no one player is bigger than this club, regardless of how many goals they score or individual prizes they win.

Ahead of United’s game against Hull, Ronaldo has admitted he has yet to win the crowd over, but hopes to do so through showing his total commitment to the club.

“A part of the supporters show themselves to be more unhappy than others,” said Ronaldo. “But I hope to change their minds. When I put on the United shirt I give my maximum. Nobody can condemn me on this. I hope it will be similar to when I came back to England after the 2006 World Cup and I can win the fans back.”

The problem is that most United fans couldn’t give a shit less about what happened in the World Cup. In fact, most were rather happy to see Ronaldo score the penalty that knocked England out. The tussle that happened with Wayne Rooney can be seen for what it was, with Ronaldo being one of five Portuguese players complaining to the referee.

Ronald is insistant that staying at United was entirely his decision, following claims that Sir Alex Ferguson forced him in to staying. The fact that Ronaldo did not hand in a transfer request, like players who are serious about leaving their current club do, suggests he is truthful in this matter.

“Nobody can convince me about anything,” he added. “Since I was young I’ve had to make decisions, I make them alone. I want to win more at this club. If the boss thinks I have to stay on the bench I respect that, even if it’s difficult.”