Cristiano Ronaldo scooped the award for the UEFA Club Forward of the Year award, as well as overall best Player, during the draw for the Champions League groups this evening.

He said the key to his success was hard work and also found time to thank his team mates.

However, Ronaldo made sure it was known that he is actually a winger, not a forward in his acceptance speech. “I’m a winger,” he said, “so to win the award for a forward is an honour.”

Standing alongside Petr Cech, John Terry and and Frank Lampard, Ronaldo was then given the overall Club Player of the Year award, and managed to get our recent Champions League win over Chelsea in his second speech.

“I feel very proud, I feel very good, especially after the Champions League,” he said. “To be the best is great. Thank you team mates, I feel very happy, thank you.”