Cristiano Ronaldo has refused to confirm that he is staying at Manchester United next season, following weeks of speculation linking him to Real Madrid.

A fortnight ago, Sir Alex Ferguson asked Ronaldo to appear at a press conference, pledging his future to the club, but the player declined Fergie’s suggestion.

With quotes turning up on Brazilian websites saying he is going, whilst his own mother insists he is staying, there is an awful amount of confusion surrounding Ronaldo’s situation.

I asked yesterday whether people were still supporting Portugal in Euro 2008, following his goal and assist against the Czech Republic last night. A surprising 75% said that they were.

However, Ronaldo’s comments in an interview after the victory might be enough to change people’s minds.

“I like a white kit,” he said to the reporters, who all thought they may have an exclusive. “The white kit of the national team that is.”

He’s taking the piss now. If he his heart is decided on Real Madrid, then he should sit down in front of the World’s cameras and reporters and say that is where he will be playing next season. However, if he isn’t certain, he should shut the fuck up, because he isn’t endearing himself to United fans at all.

When the rest of this country ripped him to shreds, we championed the player. His name was always cheered most loudly when the team list was read out, to stifle the boos. We sang his name week in week out. Yet here he is, having a laugh and a joke about his potential move to Real Madrid.

With FIFA not supporting our claim to block the transfer, it seems as though we really are going to have to wait in limbo until the end of the tournament. It is an entirely frustrating situation, but I am trying to remain as neutral as possible.

Whether Ronaldo is here next season or not, my feelings for him will never be the same. Some fans can welcome these kind of players back in to their hearts after messing the club about, but that is not the United way. The affection we had for Ronaldo has clearly diminished and I can’t see how he could ever entirely win the fans over again.

If he is to stay here next season, I won’t be complaining. He’s the best player in the World afterall. But he’ll never go down as a United legend, which he claimed he wanted to do a fortnight ago, but United legends never disrespected the fans in the way he has us this summer.

It’s a sad state of affairs when I’m agreeing with that Arsenal muppet Ian Wright, but sadly, that is what Ronaldo has pushed me to. Ronaldo is becoming a bit of an embarrassment, and I’m not sure for how much longer we can stand it.