Gabriel Heinze is a player who used to be adored by the Old Trafford crowd. Chants of “Argentina” could be heard every time he played. Despite losing out on his first team place to Patrice Evra, he was a player we were always happy to see on the park.

Then he dropped a bombshell.

“I’ve spoken with the coach and I have insisted that my wish is to leave the club if a big offer appears on the table,” he said. “Today the only such offer is from Liverpool and it is this that is causing the problem. Earlier in the summer I received a promise from United that I could leave if the deal was good for both parties and at the moment there is an offer from Liverpool.”

The move to Liverpool was blocked by United and supported by the FA, meaning Heinze later made a move to Real Madrid. United made a profit on our second choice left back and Heinze continued to moan about United to the press for months.

Today, Heinze has spoken to the press in a bid to get Cristiano Ronaldo to join him at Real Madrid, but will it work?

“I talk with Cristiano all the time and I tell him how great this club is and the nice things that Madrid has,” Heinze said. “I would love to play alongside him again. He’s a kid who is already spoke highly about all the time in Madrid. If I had to pay for one player I would choose Cristiano. In Madrid we would welcome him with open arms. I don’t think he would have any problem adapting to any team in the world. Players of his quality fit in anywhere. I don’t think Cristiano will get any better as a footballer, he is already next to God in his ability. But while Sir Alex is at United, it’s going to be difficult for him to go. He is a fundamental part of their plans.”

When Ronaldo scored that crucial goal against Fulham the season before last, it was Heinze on the bench who Ronaldo went running to. The pair clearly have a good friendship and it is a concern that Heinze is talking to him about a move away from the club.

However, no matter how much Heinze arse kisses Ronnie, talking of his God-like abilities, he touches on an important point. He doesn’t think that Ronaldo has any room for improvement, but Ronaldo will rightly like to think he can get better. Who wants to have peaked at 23-years-old? This should set alarm bells ringing for Ronaldo. He won’t improve at Real Madrid, United is the best place for him to be to aid his development, and he would be a mug to leave.

Will Heinze’s comments sway Ronaldo in to staying or leaving?