There will always be moments when one of our players do something or say something which you know they deserve to get laughed at for. When Rio Ferdinand’s ‘You Got Merked’ programme was broadcast, I was cringing (until I saw Gary Neville tell that scouse copper where to go, at least). When the stories about Wayne Rooney’s past in brothels, doing God knows what to nasty, old grannies, there isn’t a lot we can say in response. People in this country wait for our players to make a fool of themselves and delight in it happening.

When Cristiano Ronaldo came out this week claiming to be the best player in the World, his interview dripping in arrogance, you couldn’t help but feel he was going to get shown up for it.

“I am the first, second and third,” he responded, when asked if he believed himself to be the best in the World. “I think I did all that was needed and I want to keep doing more. My goal is to win everything that comes before me.”

I know he’s one of ours, but what an arrogant twat. Whether he was saying it tongue in cheek, like his oh so hilarious remarks about enjoying playing in white, it doesn’t matter, because he opens himself up to a whole host of criticism. He might see it as a joke, think it’s funny, but statements like this just make him look like a total dick. He is hyping himself up too much in a way that doesn’t feel comfortable to see from one of our players.

When Ronaldo was a part of the Portuguese team that got beaten 6-2 during the week, this country must have been laughing their arses off… and rightly so!

Kaka, Robinho and Fabiano stole the show, whilst the first, second and third best player in the World did next to nothing. Not only did he have the face the humiliating scoreline though, Ronaldo allowed himself to boil over, having several run-ins with the Brazilians.

“He’s a malicious guy,” said Silva after the game, “and if I hadn’t jumped out of the way he would have broken my leg. He just lost it because we snuffed him totally out of the game. He was nervous because he couldn’t create anything”

Marcelo, who could have been Ronaldo’s team mate at Real Madrid this season, was equally unimpressed with our player. “Ronaldo was out of order and a bigmouth,” he said. “He elbowed me off the ball, then tried to have a shouting match about it.”

Essentially, Ronaldo got exactly what he deserved here. We know Brazil are a cut above with some brilliant players, but this current team under Dunga haven’t scored in five of their last seven games. To stick six past Portugal is a great achievement, but also leaves huge questions hanging over Portugal’s capabilities… Ronaldo included!