Cristiano Ronaldo received a warm applaused yesterday (or Ryan Giggs received a good send off) as he was subbed on to our League Cup semi-final against Derby. A couple of rounds of his “Viva Ronaldo” were sung ahead of him scoring the penalty in front of the Stretford End. Maybe our hearts are thawing? Who knows?

Still, Ronaldo claims he feels like ‘part of the furniture’ at United as it’s starting to look more likely he will he stay in the summer. After previously being resigned to his departure, I’m starting to believe he might actually be around next season. Still, I won’t hold my breath.

“I’m very happy at Manchester United. I am at home here,” said Ronaldo. “For all I have achieved and won, for the friendships I have made with supporters and the United family — I’ve been very well treated by everyone. I feel this is a very beautiful cycle in my career that I will always remember. Alex Ferguson has supported me a lot. I feel part of the furniture here and this is my home. Everything I do generates a certain interest but the only true thing is that I am happy at Manchester United. To be honest, I never imagined playing at a club like United. I dreamed of Benfica, Porto and Sporting, but never arriving at this level. I always wanted to be a professional footballer but even when they came to see me I thought nothing would come of it.”