Back in February, United fans were relieved to hear that Ferguson was coming down hard on players for using their mobiles in training. Our manager appeared to have tone down his ferociousness, so when The Sun reported that Cristiano Ronaldo had been fined £8k for using his mobile in training, it was a clear indication that Fergie wasn’t about to lower his standards for anyone, best player in the World or not.

“The players all respect Sir Alex’s discipline. He is not a man to be messed with,” said a source in the story. “But a few of the players have been sneaking their mobile phones on to the training pitch to send the odd text message between sessions. Fergie and his assistants have been cracking down on it big time recently. They insist that mobiles stay in lockers and should not be used until training is finished.”

Ronaldo is not the most popular man amongst United fans these days, with his unwillingness to commit his future to the club, despite signing a new contract last summer, becoming very frustrating. However, a story has emerged which shows his more likeable side.

The Sun have been forced in to paying damages to the player by the High Court after both player and manager confirmed that the alleged incident never occurred.

Ronaldo’s solicitor said the article implied the player was guilty of “wholly unprofessional and arrogant behaviour”, which Ronaldo refuted earnestly.

“I felt it necessary to bring this action in order to protect my reputation as a professional footballer,” said Ronaldo. “Contrary to the impression the article gave, I take training very seriously and do not want people to think I do not try my best in training.”

Whilst possibly looking for more money in his playing contract, Ronaldo has admirably decided to donate his compensation to a charity in his homeland Madeira.

“I’m glad something good has come out of this and that a charity I care about will receive the damages,” the player confirmed.