Cristiano Ronaldo has given the clearest indicator yet that he is staying put at Old Trafford for next season at the least. Whilst I don’t think we should get ahead of ourselves, given that he said he was going to stay last year, before then deciding he wanted to go, it certainly is the right time to be putting on a united front.

With the biggest game of the season to be played on Wednesday, it is important that the team is pulling together in one direction.The other players know how important Ronaldo is to our team and our success and hearing that he has no intention of leaving will only have a positive effect on them.

As well as claiming he wants to stay put, he has also spoken about the manager with the highest regard, reflecting on the input Fergie has had on his footballing career so far.

“Manchester United is my home. My heart is here. This is where I want to play. This is my home now,” said Ronaldo in an interview with the NOTW. “I think even when I say my heart is here people are going to speak up and make things up. But this is where I want to play. The boss believes in this team and so do I. We are part of an era that can go down in history for the way we are playing and for the trophies we are winning. And this is where I want to be. Manchester United is now my house.”

Ronaldo claims that his relationship with Ferguson is a lot more than just footballer and coach, with Sir Alex giving him plenty of advice about things outside of football.

“Firstly he is probably the most knowledgeable football coach in the world,” Ronaldo added. “I learn from him every day. No matter how good I become, I know he is a man who will always be able to teach me that little bit more. I don’t get tired of learning from him because I know every bit of advice he gives me will make me a better player. The second person he is, is a father to me. Ever since I joined Manchester United, he has been like a second father to me. I don’t just respect him, I have the affection for him a child has for his father. When he gives me advice that is non-football, I listen because it will make me a better person.”