Cole and RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo has today compared the Premiership with La Liga, claiming that our defenders are a lot tougher than the ones he’s come across in Spain, with him particularly fond of the duels he had with Ashley Cole.

As for City, Ronaldo says no amount of money can buy the history and success United have enjoyed and there is no way he would play for any English club other than United.

“England is far more difficult than Spain,” said Ronaldo. “The players are far tougher and just want to kick you. And the referees refuse to protect the big players. But there are exceptions. I loved playing against Ashley Cole. Yes, he’s tough as well but he knows how to play the game. Some of my best memories are battles with him for Chelsea and England. But it’s still a fantastic league, for me the best in the world. And United fans shouldn’t worry too much about the team. Yes, they lost to Liverpool but they are still a good side and have good players to come back. As for Manchester City, I can’t ever see them being as big as United. United have all the tradition and you cannot make history in two or three years irrespective of how much money you have. City simply cannot buy what United have. I don’t know if they tried to get me but I wouldn’t play for any other English club but United.”