Enjoy it whilst you can.

In two months time you won’t be able to read a newspaper or visit a football website where Cristiano Ronaldo is not mentioned. It won’t be because of the trophies he’s won or the goals he’s scored, but talk of transfer fees and weekly wages.

Ramon Calderon being out of the picture might dampen the interest slightly but everyone will have an opinion on Ronaldo’s potential move to Real Madrid and will be sure their opinion is heard. Current Real Madrid players, former Real Madrid players, Manchester United players, Portuguese team-mates, Scolari, Queiroz and anyone else you can think of!

For now, Ronaldo is happy.

“All the guys have to continue playing like we know we can,” he added. “But no, we can’t relax. I know I don’t like to. I’ve a long road ahead of me and I want to be in this position, winning awards and trophies while I can. Every game is important because if we win, it improves our confidence. I’m at a club that guarantees trophies and that makes me happy. When we compete for a cup, we know we can win it. Last year we did the double of Premier League and Champions League and this year we have a chance to win five. We’re doing well in all competitions and it would be incredible if we could win them all. We have to continue working as we have been.”

As far as being named the best in the World goes, the first player ever from Manchester United, Ronaldo is pleased to have earned himself a place in our history books.

“It’s an honour because the club has had so many great players,” he said. “To be part of this club’s history makes me very happy.”

Ronaldo has also reflected on what it was like moving to Manchester as an 18-year-old lad, noting that in hindsight, it was good for him to struggle with it.

“Leaving my family and moving to England was the worst moment of my career,” he added. “It was a very difficult part of my life because I’d always had a lot of support from my family. To go to a different country, to play a new style of football, was awkward. I cried every week, but I also grew a lot as a person and player. It was a very important time for me.”