Cristiano Ronaldo has gone through yet another big game unnoticed, contributing very little to the attack against Liverpool. Three years ago, I would have been far quicker to get on his case following a performance like today, but in light of all the wonderful things he has given the club over the past couple of years, I’m happy enough to accept showing up the big games is not something we can depend on Ronaldo to do.

In the summer following the World Cup, it appeared as though Ronaldo would leave us for an easier life at Real Madrid. No venomous fans to deal with and no more criticism for going to ground too easily. However, somehow Sir Alex Ferguson talked him around, and Ronaldo went on to have a brilliant season for us.

The rumours haven’t stopped though, with the papers reporting that Real Madrd are still keen to sign the Portuguese youngster. However, Ronaldo has straightened things out today, claiming that he plans to stay with United for years, and that the Premiership is the best league in Europe.

“Real Madrid are a great club, everybody knows that,” said Ronaldo. “But I insist that I am very happy at Manchester United and I want to continue here for many years. I think that the English league since last season is the strongest, above the Italian and Spanish. In England all the stadiums are full and any smaller team can now win against the big teams. As well as that, the play is not stopped so many times, it is very fast, intense and aggressive, and the players are stronger. The Spanish league is also a very good league. I like it very much and I have a lot of interest in it, but I think that right now the English league is better.”

Is the Premiership better than La Liga?