After being subbed on and making his 800th appearance for the club, Ryan Giggs rounded the keeper and scored. The linesman’s flag was up though making an incredibly right call. There were angry shouts from the crowd with Giggsy clearly looking onside. I’ve yet to see replays but everyone I have spoken to reckons it’s too tight to call. If it’s that close of a decision then it is clear the linesman did not follow the football rules of giving the advantage to the attacking player.

Whilst 1-0 puts us in a favourable position to go to the final a 2-0 advantage would be brilliant.

It’s funny how the press go mental when decisions wrongly go in our favour but don’t bat an eyelid when they go against us!

“Two offsides are not offside and a few fouls he didn’t give. It was not his best game,” said Ronaldo. “The first one Anderson was not offside and, with Giggsy, I’m not sure either. They are not great decisions. We have to respect the referee but he did not have the best game. I hope we will have a better one at Arsenal. It is going to be much more difficult there. Arsenal are playing in front of their own supporters, so it will be tough but it is not a problem for us. We are always favourites. We are the holders of the Champions League and we are always confident. We are a mature team and we know how to play away from home.”