Cristiano Ronaldo has been making all the right noises again as the January transfer window approaches. Obviously Manchester United would not sell the player in the next month, but that won’t stop the media writing about it.

Real Madrid have lost three of their last four games in La Liga and lost to Juventus twice in the group stages of the Champions League. They’re currently in 5th place and their manager has already conceded defeat ahead of this coming weekend’s game against Barcelona. Things aren’t looking too great for Ronaldo’s ‘dream club’.

So Ronaldo feels at home here and he’s going to stay. Yes, you heard right.

“I feel at home there,” Ronaldo said. “I arrived there when I was very young and I have won individual and team trophies there. Today I have this individual award that makes me very happy, it’s the fulfilment of work that I have been doing for a long time. But I am ambitious. I have to keep on lifting individual and team trophies. I hope everything will be good again this year. And that we’ll win the the Champions League again and the Premier League also, which is the club’s priority. It’s not the time to talk about other clubs at the moment. I’m happy here and I’m going to stay.”