Cristiano Ronaldo has always claimed he would be interested in a move to Spain, Real Madrid the most likely destination. Unlike the rough treatment he gets in England, from the opposition players and fans, he would likely be idolised in Spain and wouldn’t have to deal with the vast amount of bad tackles and abuse from spectators.

Ronaldo’s mum put on the pressure last month, claiming it was a dream of hers to see her son at Real. “I don’t like English teams but I know I have to like them because he (Ronaldo) is at Manchester,” she said. “But for me… Real Madrid. Of all the foreign clubs, Real Madrid is the best. Before I die I would like him (Ronaldo) to play for Real Madrid. I would really like that and then I could die, it wouldn’t matter.”

Ronaldo has since spoken again of his desire to play in Spain, despite turning down a move to Real Madrid in the summer following the World Cup, which always puts speculation on his Manchester United future. Reports this week quoted Ronaldo as saying he was interested in a move to both Spain and Italy before the end of his career. The full quotes paint a slightly more positive picture of his United career though. “I am certain over my desire to play in Spain at some stage,” Ronaldo said. “But that is not significant at the moment. I love playing for United and I am very happy in England.”

How many more years will we have Ronaldo on our books?