Looks like God has plans for Cristiano Ronaldo to stay in Manchester.

“At the moment I’m only thinking about the final independently of what will happen to me or my team-mates next season,” said Ronaldo. “I’m sure Perez would create an incredible team at Madrid but at the moment I’m at United and I don’t care about what happens there. I only care about what will happen next season at Manchester United.”

Ronaldo then turned his attention to the Champions League final, insisting it isn’t a case of him versus Messi, rather United against Barcelona.

“It’s a battle of teams,” he added. “Without my team I won’t win and neither will Messi without his team-mates. It’s clear that we are the two best teams in Europe. Not only because we are in the final but also because of the football we have played this season and for the trophies we have won. It will be the match every fan dreamed about.”