Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United when he was 18-years-old, when he was deemed a one-trick pony and spoke little English. Things have changed a great deal since then, with the first individual award of the season coming his way in the form of the FIFPro World Player of the Year. He has a few winners medals to his name, including the one he really wanted, the Champions League, and has attracted attention from the biggest clubs in the World.

Following a summer of fussing, Ronaldo has stayed at United although how permanent that will be is unknown. At the awards for FIFPro he recognised the importance of playing in United’s number 7 shirt, although didn’t sound too convinced about how long he would be playing in it for.

“I arrived at this club at 18-years-old and asked my boss to give me the number 28 shirt, but he said no, the number 7 is going to be good for you,” Ronaldo said. “Then I started playing and I watched Manchester United TV to see who played for this team. I started to understand what was the biggest number, which players played in this shirt. It’s an honour to play in this shirt, I love this shirt.”

Ronaldo was then asked was it his dream to continue playing in that number 7 shirt for Manchester United, no other team, to which he was rather hesitant.

“My dreams? Well, it is to win the Champions League again, erm, and to win more individual awards. That is my dream for the moment.”