The Observer today is reporting that, after Manchester United have explored the possibility of re-signing our former number 7, Cristiano Ronaldo has told the club that he is keen to end his career at Old Trafford.

Whilst the move for Ronaldo is not likely to happen until next summer, the club believes Ronaldo’s desire to return to United is genuine, even if he may commit himself in the short term to Real Madrid with a new contract.

One of the huge positives about the possibility of signing Ronaldo, even if he’s 30 or older, is that he takes such brilliant care of himself and is a total professional. You imagine that he has plenty of years in peak condition ahead of him.

From a United perspective now, whilst offering some hope for the future, it means very little. The club needed to back David Moyes by bringing in a star this summer and their failure to do that (so far) is really poor. One week to go…