A man who scores goals in the League Cup final to bear his waxed muscular chest, who wears diamond earrings, who shags beautiful women, who models clothes, and who at 22 years old, received a clean sweep of the individual player awards, is not going to be a man who can add modesty to his list of skills. That is why it comes as little surprise that Ronaldo, in his autobiography, has written such a pleasingly arrogant account of our 7-1 drubbing of Roma.

It was hard to pick a man of the match that day, with Giggs, Carrick, Evra, Rooney and Ronaldo all trying to steal the limelight, and all playing so well. However, Ronaldo has revealed that one of the Roma players begging him to stop playing as he was.

“When we were already winning 6-0 one of their players said ‘don’t do any more dribbles, you’re already winning by six’, almost begging,” Ronaldo said. “Obviously I won’t reveal his name, as these are comments brought about by occurrences in the game. Other players ask me to go to play on the opposite side, and others don’t show any sense of humour when they make threats to my physical integrity. I know that they are merely trying to scare me. But these comments are worthless, for I keep playing exactly the same way.”

Ronaldo bagged two goals that evening, and played the way we dream of him doing in the European Cup. After disappointing showings in the big games since then, the semi finals vs Milan and the FA Cup final vs Chelsea, I’m hoping that Ronaldo can yet again pull something out of the bag, and set the competition alight again.

He scored his first league goal of the season on Saturday, working his magic following a defensive error, which I hope that has wet his appetite and set the ball rolling for a season of goals.

There’s no questioning it, the lad has a remarkable talent, and after reaffirming his love for the club and fans this week, I want him to be the name on every fans lips when drawing up their dream team. There’s only one Ronaldo!

Will Ronaldo show up tonight?