When Cristiano Ronaldo lost the ball against Aston Villa, then refused to track back, I was not very happy. When Villa went on to score and make it 2-1 from that attack I was even less pleased. These emotions were echoed all around the ground.

Ronaldo’s mam was in the ground that day, sat in the South stand near the tunnel with all the other families of the players.

Some United fans sat around that area started swearing and shouting at Ronaldo, knowing his mum was able to hear. She sat there patiently, hearing her son getting slagged off.

I was talking to a fella who was sat around the same section of the crowd. Michael Carrick’s wife was tutting at the fans who were so vocal in their criticism.

When Ronaldo scored his second to make it 2-2 the ground erupted. After losing our last two league games, the pressure was on us, and to have that released was incredible.

What is more incredible is the reaction of Ronaldo’s Real Madrid supporting mum. She stood up and faced the direction of the fans. Then she lifted her arm, grabbed the crease of her arm with the other, and stuck her middle finger up. “Fuck you!” she shouted at those fans, bringing about an angry reaction.

It certainly brings about understanding to Ronaldo’s reactions!