Following Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal against West Brom, much was made of the lacking celebration from the Portuguese winger. A happy Rooney ran over to hug him, whilst Ronaldo didn’t look too pleased. Was it because the crowd hadn’t sung his name once? Was it because he thought we should have been more than 2-0 up? Was it because it was only a goal against West Brom and he wasn’t bothered? Was it because he hadn’t received anywhere near the amount of freekicks he believed he was entitled too?

Giving a thumbs up to a specific area in the crowd, he turned and jogged back to his own half for the restart.

Now, we had to know before he returned to the team that his every move was going to be scrutinised. Pictures from training a few weeks ago showed him expressionless, which surely signalled he wished he had left United, right? Wrong.

Whilst the majority of us think he’ll be off next summer, I think it’s pointless speculating about why he’s doing what he is. There were moments last season where he nonchalantly celebrated a goal, but there was no song and dance about it then!

The important thing to remember here is that he is still a Manchester United player. I feel fairly disattached from him now, but he’s still one of ours. I’ll still defend him to rivals even though I might be guilty of having a go at him to my red mates and I still want to see him do well. He’s on three goals in five games now, which isn’t too bad considering he’s spent the past few months out recovering from surgery!

Ronaldo has started making the right sounds again though, although it doesn’t give me any faith that he’ll be here this time next season. With an interview that will be aired on MUTV later, he claims he’s at the right club to win more trophies.

“I think I’m an ambitious person, not just in football but in normal life,” says Ronaldo. “I feel proud because I am still young and have won many things. But for me it is not enough, I want to win more. I think I am at the right club, playing with the right players.”

So, let’s just leave it at that. Sometimes he will be over the moon when he scores, sometimes he won’t look fussed. Sometimes he’ll be having the time of his life on the training ground, other times he will look bored. Does it matter? All I’m concerned about now is him providing for the team as much as he possibly can, and for as long as he continues to do so, I’m not going to get bent out of shape if he can’t crack a smile when he scores.