Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen are currently being sued for almost £500,000 in a disagreement with their agents, Proactive. The accusations are Rooney hasn’t paid two months worth of commission and that he also owes them £19,000 for the cost of Wayne’s stag do, which was put on the agency’s credit card. Apparently the pair have refused payment since their friend, Paul Stretford, left the firm.

In court, the details of the couples’ earnings were revealed, detailing every source of income from image rights to magazine columns.

Mr Rooney
United wages: £90,000-a-week
Image rights: £760,000 every six months
Nike: £1 million a year
EA Sports: £237, 379 a year
Book deal: £3.55million (so far)
Coca-Cola: £600,000 (four year deal)

Mrs Rooney
OK column: £41,667 a month
Closer column: £5,000 a month
Real Woman TV show: £130,000 (for 10 episodes)
Book deal: £283,334 (so far)
Royalties from books: £50,000 (so far)

Understandably, the couple aren’t best pleased that their earnings, with a friend of the couple revealing in one of the rags today, “They are furious that details of their lives were made public.”

“Wayne and Coleen are angry that this has gone to court,” said a spokesperson for the couple.