Wayne Rooney couldn’t go up much higher in our estimations after this season, with him announcing his hatred for Liverpool and insisting he wants to stay here forever.

Ahead of the European Cup final tomorrow, Rooney has been thinking about the final, imagining scoring the winning goal, and picturing himself lifting the trophy. These are images I’m sure we’ve all been sharing; predicting who it might be to score the winner, how they will celebrate, who will lift the trophy first.

“Since we won the Premier League, I have been thinking about the final every day,” said Rooney. “You think about scoring in it and winning it and that helps you prepare. Before every game I can picture myself scoring and doing good things in the game. I ask the kitman the day before a match what kit we are wearing, so I can think about myself in the proper strip. I can see myself picking up the trophy now!”

Rooney’s love for football is apparent to all who watch him play, which is something our player has confirmed today.

“I dream as much as I ever did,” he continued. “There’s a lot of money in football. But if I wasn’t playing for United I’m sure that I would be playing Sunday League with my mates, because I love football. I will watch whatever match is on TV and, if I’ve missed one, I will watch a recording.”

With Rooney, there is always the fear that he will let his emotions get the better of him and he will allow his feelings to boil over. However, Wayne insists that he he more control over his reactions now that he’s maturing and is enjoying life at United too much to risk ruining that.

“I’ve matured a lot as a person, on and off the pitch, which has definitely helped my game,” he added. “I’m playing with the older players, who have a lot of experience, and they’ve really helped me blend in. It is an emotional game and sometimes you are not happy with decisions or your performance and you get emotional. You know you can’t do it and I think I’m getting better at that. I’m enjoying my life on and off the field. I’m quite a relaxed and shy person off the pitch and I’m really happy at the minute. We are 90 minutes away from winning the Champions League and having one of the greatest seasons in Manchester United’s history. I’m a privileged person. I’ve come to play for the biggest club in the game, I’m doing what I love and I wouldn’t swap it for anything else in the world.”